The Real Reason He Stopped Paying For Sex in Bali in 2015

It’s weird, isn’t it?

We both know for sure how cheap and wonderful sex with a hooker in Bali can be.

But there were 2 points of time this year when I stopped paying for sex

The first one happened when I first were flying from Darwin to Bali in April. And the second one surprised me later on in August when I lived for 2 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

You know it better than me, that dating and fucking Asian women and to have some kind of “girlfriend experience” can become an addiction.

There is no other woman in the world who knows it better what real men really want.

But paying for sex every night can become very fast and very expensive. So I was looking for ways how to get FREE dates with even more beautiful Asian women from the very first week I was in Asia.

Maybe you remember last year, when the Tinder Dating App was released.

At that time I was working in the heat of Port Hedland’s outback as an oxy cutter.

If you don’t know where the Hedland area is and why it’s so famous and nice over there… well it’s an area with 3 small suburbs in Western Australia and there are some mine sites from the biggest mining companies in the world like FMG, Rio Tinto, etc..

And I think it’s one of the areas in the world with the most beautiful payrolls you’re getting each week. 🙂

Well the tone can be very rough. The most jobs are men jobs only. And single women are very rare.

But anyways, this is where I first gave Tinder a try. Downloaded it from the AppStore. Connected it to my Facebook profile and clicked “LIKE” a few thousand times.

Tinder is very easy

You just set up your profile and choose your radar (like for example that you only want to match girls in an area of 3 miles) then you start the “Match Game” where some profile pictures from girls in your area do appear.

Now you have to decide, whether you “like” her or not.

Only when she has “liked” you too, you can start to write her messages.

This is why Tinder got famous. Because the women don’t get overwhelmed with messages and greetings from guys they don’t like.

So in this time, when I was in Australia… I gave it a shot, but it didn’t work for me.

On 3000 times I clicked the “LIKE“ button, I only got 4 “matches“ in total

Nowadays I have been back for a short while in Europe in in the United States. And everywhere in the western world, these bad results were pretty much the same.

So back in this time in Australia, Tinder really annoyed me. It just gave me at least 2 new female Facebook friends. Nothing more.

But then I was in Bali for the first time.

And one day, I was lying bored in my hotel bedroom and just randomly opened the Tinder App.

And all I did was changing one little thing:

I changed my profile picture

And it was incredible!

Not only did I get matches… 2 days later I had my first real date in Bali!

Only my Bahasa (the Indonesian language) wasn’t yet that good in those days, but luckily her English was pretty good!

So we took a scooter and went to the Uluwatu temple. Made some funny pictures with the monkeys living in the forest over there.

In the end it was a nice date, but we nothing really happened more beyond that. We didn’t have much of a connection sexually or romantically.

But I got hooked. Tinder works!

From that moment on, I started to try many things out. I found out which first sentences are working the best to respect her language and culture on the one side…

…and to get an answer on the other side.

I made some mistakes by sharing the wrong ‘Moments’ (which is a feature, Tinder released later on in early June 2014). Mistakes so huge that I ‘lost’ two dates I already thought both of them would meet me for 100% sure.

But over the months, together with some of my travel mates, I developed some really cool and good working strategies to get more matches.

To get more answers from your matches.

To get dozens of numbers from our matches.

To go on writing with them in WhatsApp or LINE.

And finally to get the date.

And it was too crazy to be true…

While I was traveling further through South East Asia it worked every pretty well:

In this time I got dates (and free sex!) in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand (especially Chiang Mai!) and even Bali’s neighbor island Java, where Indonesia’s capitol city Jakarta is located.

Then in August I visited Chiang Mai in Thailand. And Chiang Mai was a town where I really got hooked

And I discovered a strategic system I subconsciously developed this year.

Because I really love it to create videos showing people how to get from point A to point B, I developed this new course

Get Dozens Of Dates in Asia

A video series with around 5-6 videos. Worth about 97 USD.

But because Karma is a great thing I believe in, I am releasing now the first 3 to 4 videos of it FOR FREE.

And the first one is already here:

Module 1: How to choose the right profile picture in Tinder

Get Dozens Of Dates in Asia – Module 1: How to choose the right profile picture

In this first video, I am going to show you…

– How you can “splittest” your profile picture in Tinder
– So that you even could scientificly say with wich one you will get the most “matches” and in the end more dates
– My own best practices and which kind of pictures has worked well for me

The right profile picture can become your KEY into the female Asian world.

I’ve had friends of mine who were wondering why they didn’t got knew matches anymore.

In the moment when they changed their profile picture, suddenly they started to get new matches again.

You’ll never know, if you never try

So. And if you liked the video above, and now you want to know…

How You Can Make Almost Every Asian Woman WET on Tinder So That She Will Beg You to give her great sex on your next date…

So if you want to learn my 4 dirty talk tricks how you can make almost every Asian woman wet on Tinder and especially on WhatsApp, so that she will beg you to give her great sex on your next date…

Then just click here to watch this and a couple more videos of my Tinder course completely for free.

I hope this article and the video helped you.

Jonas / Mr. Asia Dating

This guest-post is written by Jonas, better known as Mr Asia Dating


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