Sanur Beach Travel Guides

Sanur is the ideal place to spend your time in Bali if you have a love of the water. It is perfect for swimming, friendly to surfers of all kinds, and has beautiful reefs filled with fish and other marine life that will fascinate snorkelers and marine walkers alike. The beach itself is always great for a stroll. If you want to a break from the water, you can play a golf on a beautiful course not far away.

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Diving is a popular activity in Sanur thanks to the long reef and clear waters. There are numerous fish and other sea creatures around and outside of the reefs. The water is often cool and a perfect temperature for both marine life and divers. There are a dozen spots particularly suited to diving. Beginners, those with disabilities, and children can all safely dive in Sanur. There are many sources of equipment around the beach and an instructor will accompany you and ensure that beginners are prepared.

Marine Walks

A marine walk is a chance to see the underwater world that surrounds Sanur Beach. With a helmet and tank, you will be able to walk along the sea bed and take in all the creatures who live there. It’s a lot of fun and can be a great experience for those who have never dived before. Children aged nine and older can participate and it’s a perfect introduction to underwater exploration. There are two companies which provide the service and their guides will tell you everything you need to know.


Even more loved in Sanur than surfing is windsurfing, available year-round. The water is ideal for this fun sport, allowing for great speed and easy turns. Both beginners and experts will have a good time on the waves. You may be able to find someone to help you out if you’re just getting started, and lessons will definitely be beneficial.


It’s no surprise that swimming is the most common activity. Everyone enjoys playing in the cool waters of Sanur, which are very safe. The water is also quite clean (part of its attraction for divers) and the waves aren’t too large. Unlike other beaches in Bali, Sanur doesn’t get too crowded and there is plenty of room to maneuver.

Bali Cruises

A cruise in Sanur will allow you to fully appreciate the beautiful environment that extends far beyond the beach. Sanur is one of those popular sailing spots in Bali. A variety of boats are available and you can hire a tour guide to take you around. Lembongan Bay is one of the favorite destinations for those taking a trip around the area. The dock at Sanur has multiple entertainment options, including a pool and a spot from which to view the underwater world. You can also rent a canoe or snorkeling supplies here.


Although it is limited to nine holes, the Grand Bali Beach Hotel’s golf course is a beautiful spot that is conveniently located in the middle of Sanur. The Bali Golf Course will please any golfer, and the club here is an added bonus. It has a bar, pro shop, restaurant, and other facilities.


Snorkeling is one of the favorite activities in Sanur. It gives visitors a great opportunity to explore the reefs and admire the many fish and crustaceans that call these waters home. There are many places to rent equipment along the beach and some hotels also offer special packages. Some places have a guide who will help out new learners. High tide is the best time for snorkeling, but happily the time of year does not significantly change the prospects for having a great time, as it can at other beaches.