A Random Tip about Breakfast Omelets in Bali

I’ll tell you, when I’m in Asia, I almost always choose western style breakfasts over Asian style. No fried rice or fruit for me, I’ll go eggs with meat!

For some reason, whenever I order an omelet in Bali, it’s cooked in some sort of super salty cooking oil. This seems to be the norm whether I order it from a random restaurant on the beach or a 5 star hotel.

Which means, my omelets are nearly unbearable. It’s basically like someone poured a tablespoon of salt on it.

So my advice is simple, if you like eggs in the morning, tell your waiter “No oil” when cooking it, or choose a different style of eggs like over easy where they use much less cooking oil.

Anyways guys, this is just a random tip I felt to share about Bali. And in all the places of Asia I’ve been to, Bali is the only place I’ve encountered these super salty omelets.Random Tip about Breakfast Omelets in Bali


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  1. Neil 52 years ago

    Can you recommend a brand of white wine available in Bali supermarkets.thks