How Much Do Beach Chairs Cost to Rent on Bali?

The days of free seating on the beaches of Bali Indonesia in comfortable chairs have come and gone. If you want a comfortable lounge chair on the beautiful beaches of Bali, you will need to pay for it.

Fortunately for us visiting and living in Bali, the price isn’t that high. The going rate for beach chairs is 25,000 Rp, about (2usd).

This is for as long as you need it. So if you are staying for an hour or all day, the beach chair and the umbrella will be yours.How Much Do Beach Chairs Cost to Rent on Bali
Note: This is the current prices for 2014 on the most popular beaches in the Kuta and Seminyak. The further out from these popular tourist locations, the cheaper the price will be.


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  1. Gstar 52 years ago

    Any ideas on good value guest friendly hotels in kuta Bali?

    • admin 52 years ago

      All hotels in Bali are guest friendly. (Bali is not the same as Thailand.)