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There are lots of fun bars around Legian Beach, but the highlight of the area continues to be its amazing beaches. Lower-priced than some nearby beaches, Legian is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy the sun and sand.

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Legian Beach

Legian Beach is one of the more active of Bali’s beaches, affording you great opportunities to enjoy some great sports or learn a new one. The water all around Legian is good for swimming, and if you prefer the pool, you will find one at the prominent hotels here. There are lessons available for those who have always wanted to surf. Occasionally beach-goers will set up volleyball courts or other games, a great opportunity to make new friends. For more relaxed options, head to a spa or beach shack and get a relaxing massage, or just lay in the sand and soak up the rays. There are plenty of restaurants and bars as well as beach shacks nearby.

Double Six Beach

This is the hipper beach around Legian, just to the north and running to Seminyak Beach. Double Six is a popular beach for the most stylish visitors to the area and is well-suited to walks — and showing yourself off. This beach is sometimes referred to as Blue Ocean.