Kuta Beach Travel Guides

Kuta beach travel guides not surprisingly, revolve around the beach itself, with plenty of opportunities to play sports, hang out in the water, or relax on the beach or in a spa. For a more exciting time, try some surfing or visit a nearby waterpark.

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Waterbom Bali

The most popular waterpark in Bali is Waterbom Bali. It is the perfect place to cool off with friends and family. With rides and slides suitable for kids and the leisure-loving as well as more advanced rides for thrill-seeking adults, this waterpark is in Kuta, making it an easy visit for anyone staying near the beach.


Surfers can enjoy great breaks at Kuta Beach. Especially suited to people new to the sport, this beach has good waves but safe water. Lessons are available from several surfing schools close by. Most courses are multi-day, giving you the chance to learn what you need to know while getting comfortable in the water.

Circus Waterpark

Circus Waterpark is not far from Kuta, located in Tuban. This park is a little smaller than the nearby parks but still offers water fun, and at a lower price.


Soccer games often take place at Kuta near the Discovery Shopping Mall. Locals set-up between the mall and Hard Rock Café and visitors can join in and make new friends. Alternately, you may be able to kick around a bit on the beach itself if you can find some room.

Kite Flying

You can easily buy a kite from stores and beachside vendors near the beach in Kuta. These kites often come in the shape of different animals and plants and are available in a variety of sizes. This is a great activities for kids to enjoy out on the sand.


Sunbathing never fails to be one of the most popular activities in Kuta Beach. Get a great tan and enjoy the warmth of the sun while waves crash in the background. Remember your sunscreen and drink plenty of water, since the rays can be very hot and burn you quickly.

New Kuta Green Park

Bukit Peninsula is home to New Kuta Green Park, where families can enjoy both a waterpark as well as other fun activities.