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Jimbaran Beach is great for swimming, but for surfing and paragliding you will want to head to the Bukit Peninsula. It is perfect for surfers, thanks in large part to the amazing reef breaks. In fact, they arrive from all corners of the globe to surf its waves, especially near Pecatu.

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Paragliders may be a brand-new or a tried-and-tested experience for you, but either way the Bukit Peninsula offers thrills. Whenever you sign-up to go, you will be accompanied by experts to help you on your way.

If you are looking for more relaxing activities around Jimbaran Beach, you may want to visit the local park, New Kuta Green Park. It is also on the peninsula and makes for a great place to just hangout and cool off or take the kids. Its main attraction is a large water park.

Adults may enjoy a round or two of golf at New Kuta Gold Resort. It is a full eighteen holes and features its own lounge area as well as a stellar restaurant. You will feel like an old member of the club when you play here.

If you are more artistic, consider painting ceramics at Jenggala. They will let you choose what you would like to paint from among various ceramic dining objects, such as a bowl. You make your own design and they furnish the necessary supplies to bring your vision to life. After it is fired in the kiln, you will wait a few days, pick it up, and have a handmade souvenir that is truly your own.