Is Alcohol Expensive in Bali? Comparison with Thailand and USA

Before coming to Bali Indonesia for the first time, I would ask around and get opinions from friends on what to do and what NOT to do while I’m there.

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Everyone had different opinions ranging from temples, beaches, surfing, partying, etc… But the one thing they all had in common was saying this:

Bali is NOT like Thailand or the United States. The tax on alcohol is outrageous, as in most Muslim countries. So therefore, the price for drinking is quite a bit more expensive that other places in Asia.

After being here for a while, I can see what they all mean. Here are some alcohol comparison prices between Bali, United States, and Thailand. Take a look for yourself and ask yourself,

Is alcohol really that overpriced in Bali?

Is Alcohol Expensive in BaliGrocery Stores Price Per Domestic Beer:
Bali = 2usd and up (20,000 Rp)
Thailand: 1usd and up (20 – 30 baht)
United States = 1usd and up

Grocery Store Price Per Bottle of Hard Alcohol / Liquor
Bali = 40usd (420,000 Rp)
Thailand = 25usd (800 baht)
United States = 11usd

*In this example, we will use Smirnoff Vodka 750ml

Grocery Store Price Per Cheap Bottle of Red Wine
Bali = 20usd and up (200,000 Rp)
Thailand = 10usd and up (300 baht for Monte Claire)
United States = 4usd (Trader Joes)

Price for Domestic Beer at a Bar
Bali = 4usd (40,000 Rp)
Thailand = 3usd (100 baht)
United States = 4usd

Price for a Domestic Beer at a Night Club
Bali = 4usd (40,000 Rp)
Thailand = 6usd (around 200 baht for most nightclubs in Bangkok)
United States = 5usd and up

Price for a Mixed Drink at a Bar
Bali = 6usd (starting at 60,000 Rp)
Thailand = 5usd (150 baht)
United States = 7usd

Price for a Mixed Drink at a Night Club
Bali = 7usd (80,000 Rp)
Thailand = 6usd (about 150 – 250 baht)
United States = 7 – 10usd

Price for Bottle Service at a Night Club
Bali = 100usd and up (1,200,000 Rp at Sky Garden)
Thailand = 60usd – 120usd (2,000 at Route 66 / 4,000 baht at most nightclubs in Bangkok)
United States = 300usd – 2,000usd

– – – – – – – –

Now if you’re coming from cities like New York, Singapore, or Rio – these prices won’t bother you one bit. However, for those who are experienced with traveling to other places in Asia, the prices for alcohol in Bali is quite a bit higher than other “tropical island paradises” in Asia.

So don’t be expecting 3 dollar beers or 60usd dollar bottle service at in the nightclubs in Bali.


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