How To Check Cinema Movie Times on Bali Indonesia

Seeing movies at the cinema in Asia is one of my favorite past times. The theaters in Bali are awesome for three main reasons:

1- Brand New
The cinemas on Bali are brand new, under two years old. The sound is perfect and the screen is crystal clear.  The cinema at Beachwalk mall in Kuta is awesome.

2- Comfortable Seats
By far the most comfortable movie theater seats I’ve sat in. Go to the Beach Walk XXI cinema and you’ll know what I mean. Never has a non-vip seat been so comfortable

3- Cost
The cost to see a movie in ball is almost 60% less than in the United States. In fact, I just saw a movie there last week and the cost of the ticket was 50,000 Kp (about 4usd). A small popcorn and a medium drink was about 30,000 Kp (about 2.5usd). The same thing in the states would have cost me 18.50usd.

How To Check Movie Times in Bali

If you’re around the Beach Walk area in Kuta, you can go to the second floor of the beautiful outdoor mall and check for yourself. But if you are like me and want to know in advance what movie is playing and at what time, this is what you do:

1- Visit this website to check movie times in Bali 

2- Find the movie you are interested in and click “Playing At”

And then you’ll see what the movie showing times are for that day.

Hope this helps. Enjoy paradise!

P.S. Yes, the movies are in English.  But they do have subtitles in Bahasa Indonesian, which you learn to ignore very quickly.

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  1. Kristina Mendoza 52 years ago

    Very handy information. For I am planning to go to Bali soon, and would gladly take some time to relax and go to the cinema.