How Much Does an Hour Massage Cost on Bali?

Before I was 25 years old, I’ve never had a professional massage in my life. Which is understandable. I’m from the United States where the average massage costs between 60 – 100 dollars an hour…pricing that was well beyond my budget at the time.

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So when I traveled to Asia for the first time and discovered that you could get an awesome massage for less than 10 dollars. I quickly feel in love this taste of luxury and now average around 5 massages a week.

But in Bali, paying 10 dollars for a massage is unheard of. Bali is the land of a 5 dollar massage! Just a fraction of the cost found anywhere in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Below are the real prices for a massage on Bali in the Kuta area which is known as the most expensive area in Bali:

Body Massage = 60,000 Rp (5usd)

Foot Massage = 55,000 Rp (4.5usd)

Facial = 65,000 Rp (5.5usd)

Manicure = 40,000 Rp (3.5usd)

Pedicure = 45,000 Rp (4usd)

As you can tell, the prices are amazing for a massage and manicures / pedicures in Bali.

So if you have an hour to kill and want to enjoy a taste of luxury for a fraction of what it would cost back home, you know what to do.

Below are a couple of photo of pricing taken within the last month.

Enjoy paradise!

How much does massages cost in Kuta Bali

How much do massages cost in Legian bali


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  1. Pannalalroy 52 years ago

    I want visit Bali 12/08/2017

  2. Ron ashley 52 years ago

    I am planning a trip to Baly , The date not yet set . I hope to be there for 2 Weeks . I certianaly Hope to have the Full Company of a Bali lady . We would tour toghter and stay in my Hotel , which is yet to be booked . I would also need to pay the lady, her Fee. ( I hope to too expensive) . I look forward to receiving your replay .
    I dont expect to visit many “Night Clubs ” . I would prefer to save the Money for my lady and Touring . I look forward to receiving your reply .
    Several years ago I stayed in The “Garden view Resort” It was meduim Cost and OK . But other Hotels or Resorts will be considered.

  3. AP Singh 52 years ago

    I intend to visit Bali. I want to have a companion for my stay there.