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I asked the taxi driver if he would use the taxi meter. He said, “no” and then proceed to give me a price that was 5 times what the meter would charge. I said no thanks, and the driver responded with,

“If you are so cheap, why the FUCK did you come to Bali!”

And then he sped off with his tires squealing in the background. I couldn’t help myself from laughing.

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Above is a true story that has happened more times than once to me in Bali Indonesia. The fact is, there are the good taxis and there are the bad ones. This article will save you time, money, and headache when you are in Bali.

As with many cities in Asia, there is the “Taxi Dilemma”. Which simply means, will the taxi driver charge you fairly using the meter? Or will they try to scam and hustle you by not using a meter?

Bali Is No Different!

The taxi service in Bali is divided into two different groups:

1- The Good

2- The Bad

In this article I will share with you what is the “good taxi” in Bali and how to avoid the bad / expensive / dishonest taxis.

There are three words you need to know when it comes to taxis in Bali:

Blue Bird Group

The Blue Bird Taxi Group is the only taxi company in Bali that will charge every customer fairly using a non-rigged taxi meter. The Blue Bird Taxi Group is known for employing good and honest drivers that do not hassle their customers.

But this is the tricky part, there are many taxi drivers in Bali that make their cars look VERY similar to the Blue Bird taxis, even using the same colors and logo as Blue Bird.

These fake Blue Bird taxis are known for hustling their customers trying to get a flat rate charge. Or charge using a “rigged” meter that will add up the cost of the trip much faster than it should.

When you’re in Bali, you can’t just assume that a blue taxi with a bird logo is a real Blue Bird taxi, you need to a few extra seconds to inspect the vehicle a little closer, or you will pay well beyond the price you should.

Here are 5 things you must see to know that your taxi is a legitimate Bluebird taxi (the first three are the most vital):

1- Bird logo above the taxi sign on the roof of the car
2- “BLUE BIRDE GROUP” is written on the front windshield
3- Drivers will display ID card and photo on dashboard
4- Bluebird logo with “Bali Taxi” written on the side of the car
5- The driver will be wearing the blue beach shirt style uniform

how to tell if its blue bird taxi in bali

Hope this helps.  Have any other advice about the taxi services in Bali?  Share below in the comments:


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  1. venus 52 years ago

    Really nice article. Points are execellent

  2. kertus 52 years ago

    Advice I can give is rather than try to hail a Blue Bird taxi yourself and be exposed to non-Blue Bird taxis trying to hassle you, just ask the hotel or restaurant you’ve been to to get you a Blue Bird taxi. They usually try to please the customer, so they will do this for you.

    • admin 52 years ago

      Great tip!