7 Best Places to Surf in Bali

Bali is loved as a surf destination not only for its excellent waves but also for its perfect climate. The island happily offers surf spots suitable to both beginners and experts, but the best places for experienced surfers are located near the Bukit peninsula and the southern coast. These areas have wonderful waves that are enhanced by the excellent reefs here. Here are some of the best places for true surfers in Bali.

Padang Padang

Padang Pagan has a beautiful beach of extensive white sands complemented by the occasional patch of rocks at the edges. The beach is easily reached and the waters here are perfect for surfers thanks to consistent barrels. Waves are typically over four feet and have all the power you could want. Be sure that you have the necessary experienced, since the reefs here are quite sharp and can be dangerous. All in all, Padang Padang is a great place to surf and have some thrills in Bali.

Green Bowl

Green Bowl is a great surfing destination as it is a touch less crowded than some of the other good surf spots in Bali. This is in part due to the necessity of descending a long way down a staircase to access the beach itself. It is located to the far south of Bali and an additional attraction is the presence of bat caves here. Surfing here is limited to the most advanced riders, since the currents change quickly and unexpectedly. If you have the skills, the excellent swells here offer a great ride.


Uluwatu is the ideal surf destination. It has perfect waves accompanied by spectacular tropical views and a well-loved Hindu temple that looks out from atop a hill easily visible for the water. Waves in excess of four feet tempt the best surfers and when these larger waves appear there is less crowding, making the experienced even better. The tides can be quite strong but just remember your safety knowledge and you will have a spectacular time surfing at Uluwatu.


Located between Padang Padang and Bingin, Impossibles offers consistent barrels and powerful waves that are usually less than four feet. The name comes from the challenge of surfing here. There are three ideal surf spots around this area, two of them in the middle area and one closer to Padang Padang.


Several surf spots are located in Canggu. Echo Beach, properly named Pantai Batu Mejan, is loved for its awesome black sand and large waves. It can get quite crowded, since word has gotten around about this favored spot. Canggu isn’t too far from Seminyka and Kuta, but is better suited to intermediate and very experienced surfers. Another spot here is Pererenan Beach, which has a greater number of peaks than Pantai Batu Mejan.

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is an island that is an excellent spot for more experienced surfers, although intermediate riders can find appropriate places as well. Shipwrecks is one of these sites, offering excellent barrels to the best surfers and some waves suitable for those with a little less experience. Everyone should take care here, since there is a large reef where the waves break. Playgrounds is another Nusa Lembongan spot that is quite popular with surfers. You will need a boat to get there, and the same goes for Lacerations.


Suluban, sometimes called Blue Point, has a great beach and offers surfers impressive swells. It is fun just reaching Suluban, which is reached only by descending some staircases and crouching down under various rocky passageways that lead to a cave. In spite of this small challenge, the beach is popular with people looking to get a tan from the warm sun.


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