The Best Dinner Buffet in Bali for 5 Bucks – Sky Garden!

Finding a good buffet dinner anywhere in Asia is tough enough. So finding a $5 buffet in Bali should be near impossible…

Not True For Bali!

This is my second major recommendation for Sky Garden Super Nightclub in Bali. This place isn’t just the best nightclub in Bali, it also offers the BEST value for a dinner buffet that cannot be matched anywhere.

Also, between 5 – 6pm, you get a free beer with each buffet purchase. So for only 60,000 Rp (5usd) you get an all you can eat buffet with a free beer. Awesome deal!

Here Are The Details:

– Buffet time is between 5pm and 10pm
– Cost is 50,000 Rp per person (4.10usd)
– A free beer between 5pm – 6pm
– Different menu every night of the weekgreat dinner buffet in bali at sky garden nightclub

Also note, on most nights between 9pm and 10pm during high season, you also get free drinks. (They aren’t awesome drinks, cheap vodka mixed with juice, but it’s still a hell of a deal. Arrive to eat at 8pm and start drinking at 9pm for free.)

More details can be found here:



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  1. Mickey 52 years ago

    Haven’t tried this yet. Will have to give it a shot in 2015