The Worst Thing About Visiting Bali Indonesia!

I love Bali, I really do.  It may not have some of the natural landscape of Thailand, nor does it have the stunning local women of Brazil.  But there is really something special about this place.

But I’ll tell you, there is one thing that really ANNOYS THE FUCK OUT OF ME when it comes to Bali.

And this is:

The additional 10% government tax and 10% service charge for EVERY FUCKING THING on this island.

Nearly every restaurant or hotel you spend money at will always have that in the fine print.

Okay, maybe I can understand the government tax, which is just like state sales tax that we have in the good ol’ US of A.

But what the fuck about “service charge”.

Let me tell you something, tipping and service charge should NEVER be pre-set.  Tipping is a REFLECTION of the service.

If you get great service, you tip up to 20%.

If you get shitty service, you tip 0%

Now, this is something that I’ve faced in many other places around the world.  But the main difference is, Bali has this EVERYWHERE!  While other countries in Asia, like Thailand, will ONLY have it in the heavy tourist areas, but will be non-existent if you walk one minute outside the tourist area.

Anyways, rant over.  Nothing I can do about this, but just a heads up.  Nearly every restaurant in Bali charges 20% in addition to the shown prices.

(Note: There are some restaurants that will only charge 5% service charge, while others will charge 7%.  But a majority will be 10%)


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