What is the Best Prepaid SIM Card Provider for Your Mobile Phone in Bali?

One of the first things I do whenever I enter a country for the first time is get a local SIM card.  Bali is no different.

International long distance roaming charges from your home country is outrageous AND having a local phone number is great for meeting with new friends / girls you meet in Bali.

The Three Major Mobile Phone Companies

The three local SIM card options you have for Bali are from these companies: Telkomsel, XL, and Indosat.

I’ve personally tried out all three, and I recommend Telkomsel for three reasons:

1- 3G
They have the largest 3g network in Bali. (Still not perfect, but better than the other two.)

2- Easy
They have a small shop right outside of the baggage claim in the Bali airport.

3- Cost
I pay 200,000 Rp (19usd) which gives me 50 minutes of phone use and 3g internet for 30 days.  (For short stays, you can pay 20,000 Rp (2usd) per day for 3G.

What is the 3G Internet Speed for Telksomsel?
Internet speed was one of my major concerns before I visited Bali for the first time.  When you ask the worker at Telkomsel, they will tell you that you’ll be getting 7.5mbps download speed.  However in reality, when you are on the 3G network, you will be getting between 1.5 – 3mbps download in most areas of Bali.


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