Check Out and Visit West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park covers about 19,000 hectares of land, most of which is highly forested. This beautiful national park has a mix of environments that includes swamps, fields, savannahs, and ocean. Also called Taman Nasional Bali Barat, this park is rich in wildlife, with hundreds of species of animals and thousands of plant thriving in this important conservation area.

In fact, the conservation of wildlife in West Bali National Park is so important than much of the park is off-limits to most people, open only to scientists and researchers. However, visitors with a permit can access a number of wonderful park areas and enjoy the nature of Bali.

For example, the central area of the park is protected, but some ecotourism activities are permitted there, while another zone of the park (Intensive Utility Zone) permits greater activities as well as the building of facilities. The greatest number of activities occur at the park’s outer edges, where visitors can find information about the park and activities. You will also find several interesting temples in this area.

The rarest animal in West Bali National Park is the Balinese starling, sighted by a German scientist in the early twentieth century and of interest to researchers, conservationists, and bird lovers ever since. Other important species include wildcats, wild cattle, deer, and anteaters.

The entire inland park area is of varying elevations, and the top peaks include Mount Sangiang (the highest) and Mount Klatakan.

The marine areas of Taman Nasional Bali Barat are home to their own special ecosystems, including coral reefs that house important fish and plant species. The Pulau Menjangan area is excellent for divers as well as for snorkeling activities for just this reason. However, it is important to note that this area of the park requires a permit just as the forested areas too. A park guide must accompany all visitors in order to ensure the preservation and protection of the reefs. There are several islands that can also be visited including Burung Island and Kalong Island.

West Bali National Park also has a cultural zone, where you can see traditional cultural and religious performances, activities, and ceremonies. Bakungan, Terima Bay, and Menjangan Island are just a few of the sites. Sightseeing and water activities like snorkeling are the most popular options here.

You will find the main office for the park in Jembrana, along Jalan Raya Cekik-Gilimanuk Road.


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