Visit Kintamani Volcano in Bali | Mount Batur

Spectacular views attract visitors to Bali’s Mount Batur, also known as the Kintamani Volcano. This volcano is located in the Bangli District. It has an impressive caldera and a fine lake as well as cultural sites that include ancient villages and several temples. The whole area of Kintamani has numerous attractions that make a day trip or extended stay here more than worthwhile.

The top of Mount Batur has the best views of the surrounding area, which appear to the best advantage in the late morning and early afternoon. It takes between three and four hours to reach the best spot, and guides are very much recommended. The village of Penelokan also provides excellent views of Kintamani and has the added advantage of several hotels and restaurants. This village looks out over not only the volcano lava fields and rocks but also the beautiful Lake Batur.

There are three volcanic cones that make up Gunung Batur, and each one can be reached by hiking or a slightly slower trek up. It’s common for visitors to arrange a trip so that they will be able to watch the sunrise or sunset from one of these ideal spots.

In addition to the inhabited village of Kintamani, Penelokan, and Batur, visitors can explore several ancient villages around the shores of the lake. At Batur village, there is a fine temple called Gong Gede in Pura Ulun Danu Batur. It is over one thousand years old and has remarkably survived the area’s volcanic activity. Another interesting temple is Pancering Jagan in Terunyan. You will also find an open graveyard here.

Another attraction around the Kintamani area are the hot springs at Toyobungkah. Commonly believed to have health benefits, these excellent springs can reach temperatures of over 110 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celcius). These springs are near Danau Batur and there are good fishing spots nearby.

Lastly, Danau Batur Lake is important for fishing as well as irrigation around the area and has beautiful blue-green water.


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