The Ultimate Kuta Pub Crawl in Bali

The Ultimate Kuta Pub Crawl in Bali

When it comes to a pub crawl in Bali, Kuta is the perfect choice as you can literally walk – or crawl – from bar to bar. Trust us, this is not a given on an island that lacks public transport and to a great extent, sidewalks. To make things really easy, we’ve pinpointed the best pitstops right on Jalan Le-gian in the rowdy heart of Kuta.

First things first: fuel up. Start your night by grabbing a burger and a beer (or two) at Five Monkeys. Thanks to the laid-back setting and friendly atmosphere – not to mention the killer burgers – this is the perfect place for setting the tone for the night ahead.

Once your belly is full and you’ve got your buzz on, it’s time to begin your crawl! As you start making your way down Jalan Legian, stop for a drink and a spin on the dance floor in Eikon. This no-nonsense nightclub offers blaring disco lights and a consistent soundtrack of the latest dance floor anthems.

When you’re starting to let loose, it’s time to say goodbye to Eikon and head on over to Apache. The decor of this kitsch reggae bar includes a gaudy shrine to Bob Marley, complete with rasta col-oured fairy lights. Needless to say, the place plays nothing but reggae, which really helps you get into the relaxed island vibe. Don’t stay too long though. After all, there’s only so many times you can listen to Three Little Birds in a row.

After Bob has gotten you into to groove, it’s time to make your way to Sky Garden, conveniently located right next door from Apache. Though the place prides itself with celebrity visitors, luckily, no bar in rowdy Kuta is too fancy. So hike up the stairs towards the skies and prepare to dance the night away.

As the night wears on and you find yourself getting the feels, Espresso Bar has got you covered. Across the street from Sky Garden, the bar’s house band signs top 40 hits based on tips and request. You can find plenty of cover bands on Legian on any given night, but the band in Espresso is typi-cally a cut above the rest, so the place gets crowded to the point of people sprawling out into the street. Join the crowd singing along to hits by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Adele and Bon Jovi. And if you find yourself feeling like belting out a tune, feel free to grab the mike.

Finally, finish your epic night off with a midnight snack at one of the food stalls in and around Jalan Raya Kuta. These modest shacks serve up delicious local food like chicken sate and scrumptious ribs and are open well into the wee hours. You can rub shoulders with local bar workers and musicians as they grab a bite on the way home.

And if you still don’t feel like calling it a night, no worries. Just crawl your way over to the beach and come sundown, do it all over again.


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