Check Out the Ubud Village Tour

The Ubud Village Tour is one way to guarantee that you explore the best of Ubud, Bali. The sites included on the tour range from beautiful natural areas, rich cultural sites, and great shopping destinations, not to mention lovely villages.

The tour begins with a trip to the Muji Art Gallery, where you will see some local artists and craftspeople creating their works, which will eventually be sold within their village or in the shops of Ubud Village. After visiting the art gallery, you will travel on to Puri Saren Royal Palace, once home to the Ubud royal family. This beautiful building offers a glimpse into the past and is complete with luxurious furnishings and lovingly cultivated gardens. There are occasionally special dance performances held here.

In the village of Ubud you can explore the Art Market or small shops. Here you will have another chance to view or purchase some locally made art. Further on, you will tour a botanical garden at Kutuh Kaja village, which is more than just a garden and includes a waterfall and all-around beautiful surroundings. Perhaps the best part of this portion of the tour will be a sighting of white egrets. These fine birds, who migrate en masse in the afternoons, feature in a number of traditional Balinese stories.

This is an all-day tour, lasting from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

At the time of this writing, the fee for one person for the Ubud Village Tour was 150 USD, which includes transportation on the tour and to and from your hotel. Personal expenses such as meals are not included. Prices decrease with additional persons. For example, a group of three to five people will pay 80 USD per person.


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