The Cooler Side of Sanur

The Cooler Side of Sanur

When covering the coolest hangouts in Bali, Sanur is often written off as a snooze-fest. And while it is true that the area is mostly frequented by couples and families – don’t be too quick to write Sanur off entirely.

If you know where to look, you can find some seriously good music and even some cool graffiti tucked away between all those resorts. We scoured the neighborhood for some hidden gems.


When dining in Sanur, places focusing on organic food and healthy eating are usually your best bet, as many of the other places are often a bit stuffy, not to mention overpriced. Bali Buda (Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 103) and Zula’s Vegetarian Paradise (Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 150) offer healthy eats with a trendy vibe. Manik Organik (Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 85) is also a good pick – espe-cially on Wednesday nights when they host a live jazz ensemble.


One thing Sanur is most definitely not known for is its lively nightlife. This in particular makes hip newcomer “Soul in a Bowl” (Jalan Danau Tamblingan No.180) a very welcome addition. It’s a per-fect place for relaxed dining and as the night wears on, laid-back drinks and live music. In general, you can catch live music of varying quality most nights on and around the main drag of Jalan Danau Tamblingan. Spending a night out in Sanur is a perfect option for when you don’t feel like getting down and dirty in Kuta or dancing the night away in the coolest bars in Canggu.


If you’re looking to get your feet wet, head on over to the Rip Curl School of Surf right on the beach at the Prama Hotel where you can try surfing, diving or kite surfing. What Sanur and its calm waters are really perfect for, though, is standup paddling. With clear blue waters beneath your feet and Lombok looming in the distance, what’s not to like? You can surf in Sanur during the wet sea-son, but it’s not the best place if you’re just starting out as you’ll need to be able to navigate the beach’s shallow reef.

Get Lost

If you’re still convinced that Sanur has nothing to offer you, there is one thing that you can take solace in: the way out. Plenty of folks use Sanur as a gateway for catching a boat to Nusa Lem-bongan, Lombok or the Gili Islands. You can catch a local boat to save money or charter a speed-boat for a faster arrival.

Before heading off though, make sure you swing by the abandoned buildings on Jalan Danau Poso. The awesome graffiti created by local artists will prove once and for all that Sanur is not pro-nounced “snore.”


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