Dating in Bali 101

Dating in Bali 101

Eat Pray Love sealed the deal – Bali is a very romantic destination. And this doesn’t just apply to couples and honeymooners, either. The Island of the Gods has plenty of room for flirting, hooking up, dating and beyond. But before you dive into the dating pool, there are a few things to consider.

Know Your Audience

When approaching people, take a moment to figure out their status. And we don’t just mean their relationship status, either – we’re talking about figuring out their status in Bali. It really pays off to look for the telltale signs that separate the casual visitors from the long-term expats. Sunburnt skin combined with very skimpy clothing is usually a surefire a sign that the person you’re about to ap-proach is just visiting. The girls who have a consistent tan but are more likely to opt for jeans than butt-baring Daisy Dukes, on the other hand, are here for the long run. So adjust your approach ac-cordingly: girls who are on their dream vacation might be open to a cheesy one-liner just for the fun of it, but the ones who are actually living on this islands festered by tourists have probably heard it all before.

To them, the fact that you’ve just rented a surfboard might not be all that impressive.

Mind Your Surroundings

If the people vary then so do the neighborhoods. Kuta is a widely known as a place to party and have fun which is heavily reflected in the social encounters that take place here. Most people stay in Kuta for only a few days, which makes the idea of a “one night stand” a lot more common.

Ubud, on the other hand, is a haven for hippies and yogis who tend to stay longer term

Uluwatu and Canggu are frequented by surfers and hipsters.

The takeaway here? The same moves that work in Kuta will most likely not fly in other neighbour-hoods.

Join the Movement

A great way for meeting like-minded people is joining a class for a sport or an activity you’ve wanted to try out for ages. Working towards a common goal in this paradise-like setting works wonders in bringing people together. In Bali, the obvious choice would be surfing. If you find your-self in Ubud, consider joining a yoga class or a meditation workshop instead. There are also some great annual events that really bring people together. Try Bali Spirit Festival to connect with fellow hippies or hit the Ombak Bali International Surf Film Festival if you’re looking to meet some surf-ers.

Online Dating

By far the easiest way to meet girls on Bali. Join Indonesian Cupid a couple weeks before flying to Bali. Set up a couple of dates before you arrive to Bali. Meet the girls, meet their friends, and in no time you have an instant social circle.

Final Tip

With its stunning views and out of this world parties, Bali might seem like another world entirely. But when it comes to meeting people and eventually maybe taking things a bit further, the funda-mental things apply – be yourself and keep it real.


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