7 Best Secret Beaches in Bali

Everyone heads to Bali for the beaches, but there are quite a few that remain hidden from most visitors. If you’re willing to explore a little, you can find some amazing beaches that are sure to be your new favorites. Check out these stunningly beautiful, relaxing, and fun beaches to make the most of your trip.


Amed is a long beach dotted with several fishing villages, including Amed, Lipah, Seland, and Aas. It is a fairly quiet beach but is known for its excellent diving and beautiful sunrises. Within a few hours of Amed, visitors will find attractions located in Klungkung and Karangasem, including wonderful scenic areas and temples. There are plenty of road signs that direct you to Amed or the villages, so there should be no trouble finding it.

Finn’s Beach

There are many signs that will guide you to Finn’s Beach along the Jalan Pantai Selatan Gau road. Located in Ungasan, Finn’s Beach is a wonderfully relaxed beach that offers both peace and the chance to have some fun swimming or playing games with friends, especially if you hang out at Finn’s Beach Club. The water is clean and clear while on shore you can enjoy delicious food while taking in the view. It is a private beach and you will feel privileged to spend the day on its warm sands.

Green Bowl

Reaching Green Bowl requires going down hundreds of steps down a cliff, so it is not only a hidden beach but an occasionally secluded ones. It is the perfect place to go for a quiet beach, but has the added interest of the nearby caves, which are inhabited by bats. With beautiful vies and the attraction of reaching such a lovely jewel via a cliff-side descent, Green Bowl is one of the best hidden beaches in Bali. The road here is called Jalan Bali Cliff.


Bailan is located on the western coast and has a special appeal thanks to its wonderful setting and volcanic sand. Nearby you will find rice paddies, and it is a favorite spot with surfers (as is Medewi, about thirty minutes west). The sands are very nice and perfectly suitable for relaxing and enjoying the waves. There are hotels and a resort nearby and small seafood shacks are also located here, although they usually open around sunset. To reach Bailan, drive towards Tabanan’s Selemadeg district.


Balangan is popular with surfers, who have found it to be a good and reliable spot for their sport. It can be easily reached by going to the hill to Pecatu, where you will find signs pointing the way here. One of the most loved surf spots is technically a different beach, but is often included when discussing Balangan. It is actually called Dreamland in reference to its excellence. There are a few beachside vendors here who serve light meals and drinks.


Next to – or, depending on who you talk to, part of – Balangan, Dreamland is a great surf break that has wonderful sands, striking cliffs, and a beautiful blue color to the water. While it used to be a fairly undeveloped spot, in recent years it has seen more build-up, although it is still a somewhat hidden spot.

Dream Beach

Not to be confused with Dreamland is Dream Beach, which is located on Nusa Lembongan. This is a great spot with a secluded feel and a strip of very nice white sand. There is a café and some bungalows here, but otherwise it is not terribly developed. It is located south of the bay where all the resorts are and signs refer to it directly or by pointing out the way to Café Pandan.


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