Where to Adventure in Bali?

Bali is the perfect place to have an adventure amidst gorgeous surroundings. Whether you are ready for heights and rapids or simply want a leisurely hike around the forest, guided and self-tours are widely available. National parks are some of the best places to enjoy both river and trekking opportunities, but you will find adventure all over Bali.

The best adventures will let you explore the island and appreciate its rich environments while having fun and getting some thrills.

Bicycling around the rice terraces, through the forests, or around the beaches is the perfect way to check out Bali simply and safely while still having a great time and getting your blood pumping. You can rent a bike or sign-up for a tour with a great guide who will fill you in on some of the fascinating wildlife, history, and culture of Bali. Alternately, try signing up for a horseback riding tour, which can be quite romantic. For an even more interesting time, go on an elephant trek. You won’t forget riding one of these enormous creatures through the rainforest.

Another excellent adventure option is to enjoy some whitewater rafting. The best place for this in Bali is the Ayung River, which has plenty of rapids. Many companies provide whitewater rafting equipment, instruction and tours.

For a quieter but still very active adventure in Bali, consider a walking trek. Numerous tours are available all over the island that will lead you through a multitude of landscapes and environments. Jungle treks (on foot or by elephant) are very popular and give you the opportunity to spot some wildlife while testing your endurance and skills. A special trek might mean a trip to the Gunung Batur volcano, a truly impressive site that requires an all-day hike. Having a guide for this trip is key for both safety and to have a more fulfilling adventure, as they can show you a good time and fill you in on lots of interesting information.

Other famous trekking targets are the hot springs and waterfalls that can be found around Bali. The Blamantung waterfalls are particularly loved, and the Gitgit Waterfalls are another favorite. For hot springs, check out the pools over at Banjar or Yeh Sanih. Both these sites have beautiful surroundings and the former has especially good views. Also consider a visit to the national Botanical Gardens. The gardens’ most beautiful features are the orchids, but the trees are not to be missed either. The gardens are located in Bedugul.

Bali’s national parks offer the perfect opportunities for not only spectacular wildlife tours, hikes, and cycling, but also for kayaking, rappelling, and more.


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