5 Ways Impress Your Date in Bali

5 Ways Impress Your Date in Bali
There’s definitely something in the air in Bali – and besides the omnipresent smell of incense, that something is called romance. Whether you find yourself on the island with your longtime girlfriend or you want to impress your latest squeeze, we’re bringing you the best locations for any date, guaranteed to set the sparks flying. Follow our tips for picking the right location for the right girl.

The Boho Babe: La Laguna

If your date has long hippie hair and is likely to ditch her shoes to dance barefoot in the sand, a din-ner date in La Laguna is a no brainer. This beachside restaurant in Seminyak is sure to impress any bohemian girl. With its rustic gypsy wagons, low-hung fairy lights and lush garden setting, this lo-cation is nothing short of stunning. And it doesn’t exactly hurt that the tapas, drinks and salads they serve are pretty damn tasty as well.

The Cool Girl: Black Market

If you find yourself lucky enough to be dating a cool, artsy girl, you might feel a bit intimidated. Suddenly there’s all this the pressure to find a place cool enough to impress her. Well, look no fur-ther than Black Market. This event brings together some of the best art, music and food on the is-land – not to mention some the coolest people you’ll ever meet. Check the date and location of the next event at https://www.facebook.com/blacksheepbaaa/ .

If you don’t have time to wait around, head on over to Pretty Poison in Canggu. This grungy bar is a seriously cool location for a date – especially if you have any skateboard skills to show off in their bowl with.

The Culture Chick: Paradiso

When you’re planning a night out with a brainy girl with a passion for the arts, Paradiso is a great choice. Tucked away in the modern hippie mecca of Ubud, Paradiso is a movie theatre like no other. Priding itself as “the world’s first Vegan and Vegetarian Cinema,” Paradiso’s program is an eclectic mix of blockbusters and arthouse movies. If you’re really lucky, you might just catch one of their special themed events, like their past France-themed movie extravagance. Trust us – nothing says romance like a little trip to Paris.

The Adrenaline Junkie: A Trek Up Mount Agung

For the outdoorsy type, hiking up holy Mount Agung to meet the sun is an absolute must. And you don’t even have to do all the work, as there are plenty of tour operators offering a a pick-up service from your doorstep to the mountainside as well as a guide to take you through the rocky terrain. The climb really is a bit of an adventure, as it typically takes place the pitch-black dark of the night – after all, the whole point is to reach to top just in time to catch the sunrise. Watching Bali come alive in the morning light is a sight neither of you won’t soon forget.

The All Time Classic: The Beach at Sunset

Last but certainly not least: no matter her type, this one is a classic and really, a no brainer. Trust us, there is nothing quite like watching the sun sink into the Indian Ocean to get any girl into the mood. If you’re really looking to make an impression, El Kabron in Uluwatu serves amazing cliffside views overlooking the ocean alongside delicious Spanish fare. But there’s no shame in keeping things low-key and laid-back, either. Just grab your girl and head on over to the beach with a few beers in tow (go for low-key Canggu over crowded Kuta). After all, cliches are cliches for a reason.


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