4 Ways to Taste Cultural Bali

Bali is simply stunning and dripping in rich in culture and history. If your senses want to delight in something other than the beaches and bars, here is a guide for any cultural loving guy.

1. Watch A Traditional Balinese Dance

An old ritual that is very specific to the island of Bali, the dancers are dressed up in colorful and elaborate costumes consisting of gold and jewels and very heavy make-up. The dancers proceed to tell a tale of their history and culture through dance, by using their entire body, their hands, eyes and their heads. If you want something that’s both cultural and meaningful and at times a little out there then experiencing one of these dance dramas based on myths, legends and religious rites is something you cant miss when in Bali.

2. Take An Authentic Balinese Cooking Class

Indonesian food has a strong Indian, Middle Eastern and European influence, which basically results in a mash up of flavors and styles. Most traditional dishes are served with rice and are based around a meat or seafood. Taking an authentic cooking class will educate you in the tradition and flavors that make the wonderful dishes come to life. You will learn which spices are used and why they are used and in turn you will get to sample some great food and pick up a new skill

3. Temples

When it comes to temples in Bali there is an abundance to choose from. It really doesn’t matter which ones you visit and which ones you dont. They are all enriched with history and culture and they all have a different story. Visiting at least one temple while in Bali however is something everyone should do. Try to visit a less frequented temple where you may get a personal guide willing to tell you in detail the story behind the temple.

4. Daily Offering Rituals

Walking around Bali, you will often come across little green leaf baskets on the ground, filled with incense, flowers,food and other items. These baskets are everywhere and are a daily ritual in Bali. Speak to a local and find out what this is all about and what it means to them, find out about the history and beliefs and then take part in a daily offering. You can either do this with a local or have your own little private offering where you are staying.


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