4 Ways to Impress a Girl in Bali with Money

When you think of Bali, you instantly envision sun,sand, gorgeous sunsets and the ideal spot for a little romance. Here are some of the most romantic (and expensive) spots in Bali to take a date for dinner, and if you find your date doesn’t have that wow factor – you need to drop her immediately, lol

1. Hotel Tugu

Get your date into bed before dinner at the Hotel Tugu, located in Canggu. At this uber stylish museum-hotel you and your date can get up close and personal while having a picnic dinner in bed, surrounded by candles and only meters away from the ocean. Make sure you save room for dessert where you can serve each other blindfolded.

2. Candlelit Dinner In Ubud

For something that oozes romance George Clooney style you should opt for the amazing and very private dining experience at the Kamandalu resort which is located in Ubud. You are seated at a secluded table for two, surrounded by hundreds of candles overlooking the gorgeous Ubud valley. This dining experience provides you with a six course dinner and will have you winning in the romance department.

3. Pesta Lobster Romantic Dinner

This is by far one of the best places to spark up a little romance in Bali. You get a private jetty all to yourself,for a romantic seafood dinner. Its almost like a dream,the surrounds are so surreal and the food is out of this world. On your private jetty, you will hear the sounds of the waves and smell the aromas of your dinner while your chef creates your feast. A small path will lead you and your date to the jetty that stretches 30 meters out to sea, with your table right at the end.

4. Romantic Cave Dining on a Private Beach

Now this is one dinner venue that will have your date bragging for a long time. How many people ever get treated to five star dining in a cave. This cave is situated on a private secluded beach in the South Peninsula of Bali. To get to this one of kind dining experience you and your date will need to climb down 120 stairs to reach the secret location. You will be surrounded by waves, candles and one of the most exotic views that Bali has to offer. Arrive to watch the sunset while your private butler brings you a cocktail to toast the occasion.


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