3 Unique Explorer Activities in Bali

If the idea of getting out and exploring untouched or off the beaten track areas of Bali has you filled with excitement, or stumbling across places others may not know about makes you jump for joy…. Check out the list of things to see below.

1. Abandoned Airplanes in Bali

abandoned planes bali

There are two abandoned planes just laying around in Bali. The locals themselves have very little knowledge of where these planes came from and why they are even there. Something worth trying to find never the less. The first plane is situated next to Dunkin Donuts in the Benoa square.

The second plane is in a more hidden location and takes a little clever looking. Its located in the area of southern Bukit Peninsula and is sitting on a privately owned patch of land.

2. Taman Festival in Bali

This is an abandoned theme park, its said this place closed down soon after it opened back in 1997 due to financial difficulties. It gives a spooky vibe when you reach the empty entrance gates. Its a great place to explore but you need to be careful of two things. The first being locals trying to scam you, Taman Festival is abandoned and it is free, however there have been times when locals have sat out the front and tried to charge you to look around the site. Kindly just tell them no and continue on your venture, they sometimes even present themselves in shirts that say security lol. The second thing you need to be aware of is the fact that this place has had no work done on it since it closed down, structures may be unsafe and things are falling apart. Some areas inside are very dark and its advised to take a bright torch with you. There are even some rooms with huge holes in the floor that you can fall in, so while this is an exciting place to explore, apply caution.

3. Village Of The Deaf in Bali

Bengkala is a local village in the area of Kubutambahan (north Bali). It is known as the village of the deaf because the majority of the people that live here are deaf. The deafness in this village spans over 7 generations and the people known locally as “kolok” have developed their very own sign language. It is rich with traditions that are only practiced in this village and is worth the trip out there,especially if you are wanting to explore something very different.


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