3 Non Monkey Animal Parks in Bali

One thing Bali isn’t short on are animals and animal experiences. There is a huge array of animals that its almost impossible for any animal lover not to fall is love over and over again. Caged animals are becoming less and less appealing and zoo’s just don’t seem to cut it anymore, however seeing crazy creatures in a more natural setting is perfect. Here are some top animal experiences in Bali that you have to see.

1. Bali Butterfly Park

Bali Butterfly Park

Also known as Taman Kupa Kupa and possibly the largest butterfly park is Southeast Asia, this is where you will find hundreds and hundreds of various species of butterfly and 15 of which are local to Indonesia. If you have an eye for spotting hidden bugs and insects you will also spot beetles, stick insects, scorpions, spiders and leaf insects.

Bali butterfly park is home to several rare and endangered species of butterfly, such as the Bali peacock butterfly and the paradise bird wing butterfly. The park also acts as research center studying the beautiful butterfly family. You will find the butterflies are at their most active early to mid-morning, so get in early and see how many different species you can find.

2. Bird Village Of Petulu

Bird Village Of Petulu

There is a strange and fascinating thing that happens around 5.30 every evening in Petulu. Kokokan birds fly from all over Bali and gather in this small town. You will find hundreds of Kokokan birds perched in each tree and watching them fly in from all across the island and gather in the trees really is something not to be missed. The villagers have a story as to why the birds flock to Petulu and they even hold a ritual every 6 months to honor the birds. The story behind the birds is almost as amazing as watching the birds themselves, however its a story best told by the villagers and best heard while watching the birds gather.

3. Turtle Conservation Center

Turtle Conservation Center in Bali

In more recent times turtles were eaten in Bali. Green turtles were captured, killed and eaten.

The center focuses on trying to educate people that these creatures which are not a dish to be served up. They provide a protected area of beach for turtles to safely make their way into the ocean. The center also houses special tanks that hold injured turtles while they are being taken care of and in the process of rehabilitation. The center free for guests to visit but they do accept donations, any animal lover should pay this center a visit and make a small donation so the people of Bali can continue to be educated about the amazing green turtles. You may even get to see the little guys making their way to the ocean.


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