2018 Nightclub Guide for Partying in Bali

When it comes to places to party, Bali is jam packed with choices. If drinking, dancing and girls is your idea of a great night…then here is a list of the best places to party the night away:

1. Sky Garden

Sky Garden is not only the biggest club in Bali but its also the most well known and talked about party place in Bali. The crowd is mixed and you will find that each floor hosts a different assortment of music. There is a rooftop lounge that is best known for its $5 all-you-can-eat barbecue and free flowing Bintang Beer.

2. Boshe VIP

This is the place to go for something a little different. A place that usually isn’t crowded with expats. Boshe VIP is best known for the girls, this club has some rather sexy lady companions. They have a mix of karaoke, local live bands and a DJ playing electronic music. If you want to experience a club in Bali that is more authentic to its locals then this is the place to visit. The staff are uber cool with dyed hair, tattoos and rock star attitude. Here the crowd is mainly made up of Asians, Indonesians, Malaysians and Singaporeans.

3. Pyramid

This is the place to party after the party……. Pyramid is where everyone goes once all the other clubs have shut. The crowd can be very diverse, however expats make up most of the club goers at Pyramid. They play amazing electronic music and is one of, if not the best place to continue to party later in the night/early morning. Pyramid is usually at its busiest on a Friday and Saturday from 4am.

4. Mirror

Mirror nightclub is situated in Seminyak at the rear of Gardin Bistro. Its more of a trendy club and attracts expats living in the Seminyak area. Mirror holds a little more class than most Bali clubs, with people making the effort to dress up and be well groomed. It has one of a kind decor and the club is designed to look like a church. Mirror has a mainstream electronic feel and at times has famous guest DJ’s. If you want a little more class and a little less singlets and flip flops, be sure to add this to your clubbing experience. Mirror starts to come alive around midnight.

5. La Favela

This little hot spot is more of a bar than a nightclub and is also located in Seminyak. The crowd is pretty evenly mixed between locals, tourists and expats. You will find the beats to be disco, popular pop hits and some old school goodies. La Favela has a quiet outdoor area where you can chill and chat and the crowd has a trendy, hippie vibe. This bar comes alive after 11pm every night.


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