2017 Surfing Guys Guide To Bali

Bali is by far one of the best places for surfing. With so many beaches and surfing hotspots it is a popular paradise for surfers around the world.

Although Bali has some amazing surf beaches, so do the islands that surround it and the level of skill required varies, as do the breaks at these beaches. You can find amazing surf spots suitable for beginners and for pro’s.

Here we break down the best of the surf beaches in order of the level of skill needed for the waves, so you can have the best and safest boys surfing adventure holiday in beautiful Bali.

KUTA BEACH (Beginner)


Not only is Kuta beach one of the most popular beaches in Bali, it is also by far the easiest beach for beginners to give their surfing skills a go. Kuta has a gentle tide and the waves produced are of an average height, which makes it ideal for beginners to master some skills while white water surfing. Kuta is one of the most popular and jam packed beaches in Bali, which again will work in any beginner’s favor as there are a large number of lifeguards looking out for your well-being should you find yourself in any trouble. You can also grab yourself some surfing lessons from the guys who are renting out surfboards, they do not always advertise the lessons, but you can always ask and negotiate a price. More often than not, they will be happy to help you out.

CANGGU BEACH (Intermediate)


This beach is about 30 minutes out of Kuta and is located close to Seminyak. You will find a mixed bunch of surfers here with a large variety of skill. While it is still suitable for beginners, your best surfing at this beach if your surfing skill is intermediate or above as the breaks here can be very diverse and unpredictable. The waves at Canggu beach do not get extreme though, but can become pretty fast, so it would be in your best interest to surf here once you have mastered a few skills.



This is possibly the most famous surf beach in Bali, so famous among surfers that it has in fact been nicknamed the Balinese Pipeline. This beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula. This beach is strictly for the professional surfers and wave riding adrenalin junkies. It is by far the most dangerous surfing beach in Bali. Padang-Padang beach has also hosted many professional surfing competitions and can provide waves from 4 feet to 12 feet in height. It has the best hollow waves in Bali for surfers, but you should also be aware that this beach gets crazy busy with surfers looking to catch the ultimate wave and surfers come from all over the world just to surf at this beach.


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