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3 Unique Explorer Activities in Bali

If the idea of getting out and exploring untouched or off the beaten track areas of Bali has you filled with excitement, or stumbling across places others may not know about makes you jump for joy…. Check out the list … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Taste Cultural Bali

Bali is simply stunning and dripping in rich in culture and history. If your senses want to delight in something other than the beaches and bars, here is a guide for any cultural loving guy. 1. Watch A Traditional Balinese … Continue reading

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2017 Surfing Guys Guide To Bali

Bali is by far one of the best places for surfing. With so many beaches and surfing hotspots it is a popular paradise for surfers around the world. Although Bali has some amazing surf beaches, so do the islands that … Continue reading

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3 Non Monkey Animal Parks in Bali

One thing Bali isn’t short on are animals and animal experiences. There is a huge array of animals that its almost impossible for any animal lover not to fall is love over and over again. Caged animals are becoming less … Continue reading

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The Men’s Adrenaline Junkie Guide To Bali

Most people come to Bali for a little rest and relaxation. The idea of sitting by the pool drinking ice cold beers and people watching appeals to many, however that’s not the ideal vacation for everyone. If you are looking … Continue reading

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Classy Bali

When you think of Bali, you’ll most likely think of surfboards, flip-flops and beers on the beach. But a trip to the island doesn’t have to be all board-shorts. Follow our guide to discover a classier side of Bali. We’ve … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Kuta Pub Crawl in Bali

When it comes to a pub crawl in Bali, Kuta is the perfect choice as you can literally walk – or crawl – from bar to bar. Trust us, this is not a given on an island that lacks public … Continue reading

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The Newbie Guide to Exploring Denpasar

Though Denpasar is located smack-dab in the middle of tourist infested South Bali, most visitors shy away from the island’s bustling capital. Well, we’re here to tell you that they are missing out big time! Though it might seem chaotic … Continue reading

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The Best Hangover Food in Bali

So we’ve all heard it by now – Bali, the Island of the Gods, is a dream destination for all party animals. From rooftop parties to ice-cold beers on the beach, the gods on this island sure know how to … Continue reading

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5 Ways Impress Your Date in Bali

There’s definitely something in the air in Bali – and besides the omnipresent smell of incense, that something is called romance. Whether you find yourself on the island with your longtime girlfriend or you want to impress your latest squeeze, … Continue reading

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