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The Newbie Guide to Bali’s Beaches

So we’ve all seen the photos and read the ecstatic descriptions: Bali is an island paradise, dotted with spectacular beaches and blessed with year-round swell. But in reality, things are a bit more complex. Though the island is beautiful and … Continue reading

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4 Must-Do Extreme Activites in Bali

Sick of surfing? It might seem like a stretch, but after a few straight days (or maybe even weeks) on your board, you might start craving for something new to set your heart pounding. Luckily, Bali has a lot more … Continue reading

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Escaping Bali – Exploring the Beautiful Nearby Islands

We’ll start by stating the obvious – Bali is fantastic. The island offers great beaches, fantastic parties and year-round surfing. But despite all this, there is still so much more to the region that just this single island. Indonesia is, … Continue reading

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Surfer’s Guide to Uluwatu Bali

Uluwatu Bali offers amazing surf breaks and stunning views complete with fantastic nightlife. Though the consistent swell and the cold beer would be more than enough to keep you entertained during your whole stay, make sure you also pay a … Continue reading

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5 Best Surf Shops in Bali

So you’ve got the tide chart in your pocket and you can handle yourself on a board. But where to pick up the coolest surf gear? Whether you’re looking to splurge or to save, we’ve got you covered. Check out … Continue reading

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The Cooler Side of Sanur

When covering the coolest hangouts in Bali, Sanur is often written off as a snooze-fest. And while it is true that the area is mostly frequented by couples and families – don’t be too quick to write Sanur off entirely. … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Guide to Surfing in Bali

365 days of swell a year makes Bali one of the top surf destinations in the world. But if you’re just starting out on your surfing career, it might be tricky to figure out where to begin as one size … Continue reading

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Dating in Bali 101

Eat Pray Love sealed the deal – Bali is a very romantic destination. And this doesn’t just apply to couples and honeymooners, either. The Island of the Gods has plenty of room for flirting, hooking up, dating and beyond. But … Continue reading

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5 Best Surf Bars in Bali

It’s been said before but we’ll say it again – Bali is a surfer’s paradise. The Island of the Gods has been blessed with amazing beaches, killer waves – and some of the coolest bars around. Check out these spots … Continue reading

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Must Read – Bali Nightlife 101 Guide

Bali is famous not only for its amazing beaches and rich local culture, but also for the island’s siz-zling nightlife. In order for you to get the most out of your time in Bali, we’ve covered some of the basics … Continue reading

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